Aero Latex Mattress with 7 Comfort Zones

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Latex foam is used in high quality, premium mattresses. The Aero Latex mattress by Naturalex is one of the most breathable mattresses on the market today, but at a seriously low price. Add on the incredible 10-year warranty from Naturalex and you’ve got yourself one of the best value for money mattresses on the market today.

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The Aero Latex mattress moulds to the contours of your body for individual support. Because of its dual season, reversible feature, this soft yet highly resilient mattress lasts for a long time too as it can be turned when the seasons change.


  • Blue Latex®: the variable density of the latex means your back gets tailored support. Actually your back will feel so much love from this mattress if it could high-five you it would.
  • Aquapur® foam: a fantastic new generation foam made up of open pores (sometimes open pores can be good!). These promote air circulation and prevents any moisture building up in the mattress.
  • Air Fresh®: a technology engineered by the clever sleep geeks at Naturalex. It actually breaths fresh air through the mattress to promote hygiene. We call it "hy-genius".
  • No motion transfer: you could have the entire family, pets and all, in with you and you'll barely feel them move. We would not, however, recommend this at all.
  • 7 zone structure: you will feel like you are swaddled in a stork's blanket en route to the land of nod. Every pressure point in your body is supported and pressure-free.
  • Dual season : You can flip between the summer and winter. The winter side is covered with thick cotton fabric for extra snugness. The summer side is covered with a honeycomb 3D mesh fabric which releases heat.
  • Certified Sanitized®: a globally recognised hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial.
  • A 10-year warranty from Naturalex is the cherry on top (no cherries are sold with this mattress).
  • 19cm thickness.
  • Adapts to electric beds.


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