Luxe Memory Mattress with 7 Zones & Dual Seasons

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The closest mattress to resemble Sleeping Beauty's layers, the Luxe Memory mattress has a whopping 6 layers of the most advanced memory foams engineered by Naturalex.

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One of the most advanced memory foam mattresses in the Naturalex range, the Luxe Memory mattress benefits from all the technological developments of the brand. Thanks to its 6 layers of varied foams, its interchangeable dual seasons and its 7 comfort zones, the Luxe Memory will deliver beyond all your expectations from a mattress. Luxe Memory stands for comfort, innovation, quality and durability.

Its design is based on a complex technology consisting of several high quality foams designed by Naturalex. The Luxe Memory mattress is athermic, meaning neither heat nor cold is transmitted thanks to an open pore system for breathability. For maximum reassurance Naturalex gives you an incredible 10-year warranty with the Luxe Memory.


  • Blue Latex®: latex is ergonomic and adaptable, which means it moulds to your individual shape and supports every part of your body while you slumber.
  • Viscotex®: a high density memory foam that improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. It is also extremely resistant to weight, and prevents and relieves back pain.
  • Aquapur®: Not one but two layers of this dual-density memory foam, consisting of very open cellular pores promote air circulation and release moisture from the bedding.
  • Gel Fresh®: the crème de la crème of memory foams. A high-density memory foam which is moulded, injected and fused with high quality gel microcapsules. This innovation brings you 3 times more freshness during your sleep. If your body temperature is too high while you sleep, the heat is absorbed and if the temperature decreases, the stored heat stored will be released.
  • Air Fresh®: an advanced system by Naturalex engineers providing ultimate breathability and hygiene.
  • No motion transfer: they move, you don’t feel it. They toss and turn, you still don’t feel it. They elbow you? That’s a discussion to have over breakfast!
  • 7 zone structure: every pressure point in your body is supported and pressure-free. It’s as if your hips, legs, back are all on a relaxing mini break from it all.
  • Dual season : You can flip between the summer and winter. The winter side is covered with thick cotton fabric for extra snugness. The summer side is covered with a honeycomb 3D mesh fabric which releases heat.
  • Certified Sanitized®: a globally recognised hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial.
  • A hugely generous 10-year warranty from Naturalex.
  • 25cm thickness.


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