Geltech Memory Foam Mattress with Viscotex® & Gel Fresh®

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If you suffer from night sweats at bedtime, then the Geltech memory foam mattress could be the answer to your problems. This mattress won’t just deliver a good night’s sleep, it will deliver an incredible night’s sleep. It is made up of a complex layout of the best quality, highest resilience foams designed by Naturalex. The Geltech memory foam mattress has thermoregulatory properties, maintaining a steady temperature all year round. So whatever the season, you'll sleep at the correct temperature. You get a 10-year warranty from Naturalex with this mattress, proving it to be a great choice of mattress with a great price tag.

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Thanks to the variable density of Blue Latex®, refreshing Gel Fresh® memory foam, high density Viscotex® memory foam, a 7 comfort zone structure and interchangeable dual seasons, the Geltech memory foam mattress is an ideal choice if you suffer from overheating while sleeping. This mattress is athermic, meaning neither heat nor cold is transmitted thanks to an open pore system for improved breathability. With 19cm thickness, it also adapts to electric beds. Thanks to its 7-zone structure, this mattress will offer you a welcome retreat at the end of a long day. It will release all the muscular and nervous tension gathered in your body during the day for a totally restorative sleep.


  • Blue Latex®: The variable density of the Blue Latex® provides personalised contouring to fit your individual body shape, giving you a better night’s sleep, ensuring you wake up with less aches and pains in the morning.
  • Gel Fresh®: A unique memory foam containing refreshing gel microcapsules so it delivers a cooler sleep than other memory foam products.
  • Viscotex®: A layer of high density Viscotex® memory foam improves your blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. It is also extremely resistant to weight, and prevents and relieves back pain.
  • Air Fresh®: Equipped with the open cell Air Fresh® system, the Geltech mattress gives you 12 times more breathability than other memory foam mattresses.
  • No motion transfer
  • 7 zone structure: Comfort engineered to support and soothe all of your pressure points.
  • Dual Seasons: The Geltech mattress has a dual season feature so you can interchange between the summer side and winter side. The winter side is covered a thick cotton fabric for coziness and warmth on cold nights. The summer side is covered with a 3D honeycomb fabric which releases heat, leaving you a cool as a cucumber for the summer months.
  • Certified Sanitized®: Antibacterial, anti-dust, anti-nasties.
  • 10 year warranty from Naturalex.
  • 19cm thickness.


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