Visco Carbone Memory Foam Mattress with Bio Memory® and Aero Latex®

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While modern technology is a positive development in our world, many of us do not realise that sleeping next to your phone can actually be very harmful. Electronic devices release electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and they negatively affect our sleep and our bodies, and they cause sleep deprivation and depression. The Visco Carbone mattress by Naturalex provides a solution to this problem. The presence of carbon fibres in the ticking fabric creates a barrier against electromagnetic pollution and electrostatic charges that invade the places where we live. It is made from organic plant based materials based on castor oil and contains anti-stress properties so while it is kind to you, it is also kind to the environment. All of these benefits are wrapped up in a 10-year warranty from Naturalex, reassuring you that you've invested in the best.

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Out of the entire Naturalex range, the Visco Carbone mattress has the most advanced materials in its composition. It contains Aero Latex® memory foam, the latest update on Blue Latex®. Some customers have likened lying on a mattress which uses Aero Latex® to floating on a cloud. Practically speaking, the presence of latex foam in the mattress ensures you won’t overheat while you are sleeping, as it is an especially breathable material. Latex is also extra durable so it will last for many years. With 25cm thickness, textured organic cotton 3D ticking fabric and its 7-zone structure, this mattress will provide you with a soothing retreat from your busy life. It releases pressure from highly exerted areas such as your shoulders and hips and provides calming comfort for areas that exert less pressure during sleep such as your feet and head.


  • Aero Latex®: A dual layer providing balanced comfort, zero motion transfer, flexibility and high resilience. This is a good option for those with allergies or asthma.
  • Bio Memory®: A layer of Bio Memory® foam is used in this mattress. This is an organic, plant based foam consisting mainly of castor oil. It is a high density foam which provides you with various comfort zones. So you will sleep better knowing you’re resting on a mattress made from plant materials thus contributing to a greener environment.
  • Viscotex®: Weight resistant, high density Viscotex® memory foam improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. It also prevents and relieves back pain.
  • Air Fresh® : Equipped with the Air Fresh® system, the mattress benefits from perfect air circulation between the fabrics and prevents any concentration of moisture in the materials.
  • Zero motion transfer
  • 7 zone structure: Just to make sure you are cradled with love all night, the Visco Carbone is structured into 7 comfort zones so every part of your body is pressure free.
  • Dual Seasons: The Visco Carbone mattress has a dual season feature so you can interchange between the summer side and winter side. The winter side is covered with a layer of luxurious Merino wool and a thick cotton fabric containing carbon fibres to disperse harmful EMF's while keeping you snug and warm. The summer side is covered with a honeycomb 3D fabric which releases heat, leaving you a cool as a cucumber for the summer months.
  • Certified Sanitized®: A globally recognised hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial.
  • 10 year warranty from Naturalex.
  • 25cm thickness.


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