Extra Visco Memory Foam Mattress with Visco Elastic

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It is worth knowing, when buying a mattress, that the higher the density of the memory foam the better. Put simply, it is because high density uses more foam, giving you more orthopaedic support. The Extravisco memory foam mattress is made of Thermosoft® viscoelastic memory foam, the highest density memory foam available on the market, (90 kg / m3 on both sides). Its composition is the most recommended by bedding specialists.

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blue latexthermosoft7 zonesno motion transferair freshreversiblesummer/winter sidesoeko-tex®hypoallergenic

This mattress is made of Blue Latex® foam, which is the result of 5 years of research and development at Naturalex as well as Thermosoft®, a high-density memory foam that adapts very quickly to the contours of the body. If you weren't already hooked, the incredible 10-year warranty from Naturalex will have you counting the minutes to bedtime. With 25cm of thickness and a 7-zone structure, this mattress will provide you with a soft, soothing retreat at the end of a hard day. It releases all of the muscular and nervous tension gathered in your body during the day for the ultimate in restorative sleep.


  • Thermosoft®: On the winter side, 6cm of Thermosoft® memory foam keeps the foam supple when the temperature is lower. The summer side has 3cm of Thermosoft®.
  • Blue Latex®: the variable density of the Blue Latex® (35 and 38 kg / m3), means that you get individual support for your back, avoiding compression points.
  • Air Fresh®: Equipped with the Air Fresh® system, the Extravisco mattress benefits from perfect air circulation between the fabrics and prevents any concentration of moisture in the materials.
  • No motion transfer: Sleeping partners can jump about if they like, you will be clueless and snore on.
  • 7 zone structure: Every inch of your body is lovingly supported throughout the night.
  • Dual season: The Extravisco mattress has a dual season feature so you can interchange between the summer side and winter side. The winter side is covered with 1cm of premium quality, thick fabric to bring coziness and warmth. The summer side is covered with a honeycomb 3D fabric which releases heat, leaving you a cool as a cucumber for the summer months.
  • Certified Oeko-tex®: a globally recognised hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial.
  • A mahooosive 10-year warranty from Naturalex.
  • 25cm thickness.


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