Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress with Viscotex®

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When Naturalex came up with the name of Deluxe for this mattress, they weren't messing about. They lay on the mattress and visualised sailing away to the land of nod in complete comfort, on a soothing base for the entire body. With its 19cm thickness and 7-zone structure, this mattress is like a loyal pal to come home to at the end of a busy day. It releases pressure from highly exerted areas such as your shoulders and hips and provides calming comfort for areas that exert less pressure during sleep such as your feet and head. It is also athermic, which means neither hot nor cold is transmitted. Comes with a 10 year warranty from Naturalex.

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The Deluxe mattress adapts gradually to your shape, providing a soothing support system for your entire body, while relieving pressure points while doing so. It is athermic so it does not transmit heat nor cold thanks to the breathable open-cell structure of the memory foam.


  • Athermic: it maintains regular temperature no matter how hot things get beneath the sheets
  • Blue Latex®: moulds to your body and like a good sports bra, it will support you no matter how much you bounce
  • Viscotex®: the bees knees in memory foam, improves blood circulation and relaxes your muscles
  • Air Fresh®: does exactly what it says on the tin, breaths fresh air through the mattress
  • Prevents and relieves back ache so he’ll have no excuses when he’s avoiding DIY
  • Tailor made support while you sleep, leaving you more chirpy in the mornings
  • No motion transfer = he could play air guitar all night and you wouldn’t notice
  • 7 zone structure : just imagine the 7 dwarfs cradling your pressure zones all night while they sing you a soothing lullaby
  • Dual season : super cozy merino wool on the winter side, honeycomb 3D mesh fabric on the summer side. Sadly, if buying this mattress in Ireland you’ll probably only ever get to use one side. But it’s nice to know it’s there
  • Certified Sanitized®: a globally recognised hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial
  • A ridiculously generous 10-year warranty from Naturalex
  • 20cm thickness
  • Adapts to electric beds


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