Comfort Mattress with Dual Seasons

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Comfort seekers seek no more. 20cms of bedded bliss awaits you. A thick and smooth fabric on its winter side will make you feel like you're sleeping on top of a giant cuddly teddy bear. The Comfort Mattress is the ultimate in luxury with a price tag that won't break the bank.

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blue latex7 zonesergonomicno motionreversiblesummer winterair freshoeko-texhypoallergenic

The dual sided Comfort mattress is a towering 20cm in thickness, and its supportive yet firm comfort will be your best ally for a great night’s sleep. The fabric on its winter side will make you feel like you're wrapped in warmth. As if there wasn't enough to sing about, Naturalex has also provided a 10-year warranty, making this a top choice for comfort and quality.


  • Aquapur® HR foam is made up of wide open alveolar pores. These promote air circulation and release moisture from the materials.
  • Blue Latex® HR foam: the elasticity of the latex ensures you’ll not only sail away to the land of nod, but you’ll stay there all night in pure comfort, in all seasons.
  • Air Fresh®: breaths fresh air through the mattress, preventing moisture build up
  • No motion transfer: it's so like sleeping alone, you might actually get lonely
  • 7 zone structure: a soft yet supportive base for your entire body. It releases all muscular and nervous tension accumulated during the day for a totally therapeutic sleep
  • Dual season: you can interchange between the summer side and winter side. The winter side is covered with premium quality, soft fabric to bring coziness and warmth. The summer side is covered with a honeycomb 3D fabric which releases heat, leaving you a cool as a cucumber during hot weather.
  • Certified Oeko-tex®: a globally recognized hypoallergenic treatment which certifies the mattress as anti-mite and antibacterial
  • A 10-year warranty from Naturalex guarantees its durability
  • 20cm thickness


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